What are Canvas Art Prints?

Read about our canvas fine art prints.

Advantages of Canvas Prints over Traditional Paper Prints

Today's printmakers and manufacturers have the ability to re-create original masterpieces directly on a canvas surface. The manufacturing process used to create these "canvas art prints" utilizes state of the art digital technologies to "print" the image directly onto the canvas surface.

The process, which is described in greater detail below, is automated and therefore results with reproductions offering the rich appearance of canvas that paper prints cannot provide, at significantly lower costs than canvas transfers and hand-painted reproductions.

No Matting and No "Glassy Glare"
The ambiance of the framed canvas print allows the viewer to focus on the artwork image without the distraction of matting and glass typically used when framing paper prints. As our framed art prints do not have glass (or Plexiglass), you will not see the glare off the glass often caused by overhead and direct lighting. We encourage the use of art lights or direct lighting to showcase your artwork for enjoyment both during the day and at night!

Framed View of Canvas Art

How are Canvas Prints Made?

Accents 'n Art, Inc. uses a proprietary process to create our canvas art prints. Our engineering staff developed a system that begins with a high resolution electronic image. The image is digitally enhanced and restored by our Art Research & Development Department. During the restoration process, numerous proofs are made until the finished image has the desired appearance.

Once the image is ready, it is electronically transferred to our custom-designed manufacturing equipment. This equipment reads the electronic file with tremendous accuracy and creates the artwork by "spraying" millions of pigmented micro-droplets onto the finest grade artist cotton canvas available. The creation of each piece of artwork takes several hours. The detail image shown to the left illustrates the color and clarity of our canvas prints. Please note, the internet image is compressed and therefore is not as good as the actual canvas print. All of our canvas prints are made the exact same way, although you do have different choices for the finish.

Giclee Art on Canvas at Warehouse Prices

The Accents 'n Art process is unique, but is based upon the original GICLEE (zhee-clay) process. The Giclee process sprays ink to create a stunning reproduction. The apparent resolution of the Giclee process offers the highest quality reproductions currently available. Giclee may be applied to either paper or canvas.

As a manufacturer, our Web Warehouse allows us to offer artwork with minimal overhead costs, which saves you money. You can purchase high quality framed giclee canvas art at prices comparable to framed paper prints. We encourage you to compare the prices of our canvas prints to other canvas/Giclee prints offered by retail stores in your area.

Canvas Prints, Professionally Stretched Canvas and Large Framed Art

Back View of Canvas Art Print Mounted in Frame Canvas prints (sizes 8" x 10" through 30" x 40") are available professionally stretched on standard stretcher bars (a wooden support frame 3/4 inch deep). All framed artwork (sizes 11" x 14" through 30" x 40") will be professionally stretched and framed in a manner to enhance the overall appearance of the finished artwork. Large Framed art will be ready-to-hang right out of the box. "Stretching" canvas involves pulling the canvas over the stretcher bars and securing the canvas to the bars with staples while it is being stretched. The staples are secured to the back side of the bars in a Gallery Wrap style creating a finished appearance with the image entirely on the front. The stretched canvas may be hung without a frame if desired.


Canvas Print Sizes That Can Be Either Mounted or Stretched

The following sizes have enough extra canvas around the image so they can be either mounted on a backing board or stretched on standard stretcher bars.
   -- 11" x 14" through 30" x 40"

Canvas Print Sizes That Can Be Mounted

The following canvas sizes are intended to be mounted on a backing board. You can also trim off the excess canvas around the image for use with a standard off-the-shelf photo frame.
   -- 4" x 5" through 9" x 12"

Display Life and Image Durability

Extensive accelerated aging studies have been performed to determine the durability of our canvas art prints. The information provided below is the best information available at this time, but in no way constitutes a warranty for our products.

The pigments used to create the canvas art prints are UV enhanced to provide increased fade resistance and durability. Display-life predictions were derived from accelerated fading tests performed under the industry standard conditions for fading tests. These conditions are 75 degrees Fahrenheit, 60% relative humidity, and 450 lux illumination for 12 hours per day. Based upon the testing results, the UV enhanced pigments on the canvas surface have a display-life prediction in excess of 50 years without noticeable fading. These predictions do not always approximate the lighting conditions in homes and offices. Greater light exposure levels (especially direct sunlight) will significantly reduce the display-life, while lower light exposure levels will increase the display-life.

Which Finish Should I Choose?

Each canvas print we make is a high quality giclee reproduction. These digital reproductions use advanced technology to make replicas of the original paintings, with vibrant colors and detail on the finest grade artist canvas available. These are not canvas transfers from inexpensive paper prints or posters, nor are they hand-painted oil imitations that rarely capture or resemble the Master's original intent and brushstrokes. All prints are made the exact same way, and only differ in the finishing coat they receive as described below. Compare the different finishes.

What are Canvas Matte Prints?

The Canvas Matte print has UV resistance, but does not receive a finish coating. The resulting product has a non-shiny appearance similar to a flat latex wall paint. This product will not show any shiny spots or glare when accented by overhead or art lights.

What are Canvas Gloss Prints?

The Canvas Gloss Print is finished with a clear, non-yellowing Smooth Gloss coating. The resulting product has a shiny appearance with enhanced UV protection and increased water and fingerprint surface resistance. The Gloss coating allows the colors of the underlying print to show through. This product will have a shine when accented by an overhead or art light similar to the shine off a gloss oil paint.

 What are Canvas Glimmer Gloss Prints?

The Canvas Glimmer Gloss Print is hand-finished with a clear textured coating, followed by an additional non-yellowing gloss coating. The resulting product has a raised textured finish that allows the colors of the underlying print to show through, combined with enhanced UV protection and increased water and fingerprint surface resistance. When overhead or art lights shine on the peaks and valleys of the random surface texture, the light gently "glimmers" across the print surface giving it an authentic appearance similar to a painting.

Each Glimmer Gloss Print, sizes 11" x 14" through 30" x 40", is part of a manufactured Edition. Each print in the Edition is uniquely hand-numbered and certified as authentic. Each Glimmer Gloss Print is shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity and is a great addition to your collection.

Visions of America Signature Edition Canvas Art

We are pleased to offer the Visions of America Signature Editions of fine art on canvas. The Collection includes some of the most globally recognized photographs by Joseph Sohm. Each canvas in The Collection is a Limited Edition Glimmer Gloss canvas print. Each canvas is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity, and also includes the digital signature of Joseph Sohm, making it a valuable addition to your fine art collection.

Which Mounting Selection do I choose for my stretched canvas?

Each stretched canvas ordered will be professionally stretched on standard stretcher bars (a wooden support frame 3/4 inch deep). The canvas is stretched in a Gallery Wrap style creating a finished appearance with the image on the front, and the sides are a solid off-white color. You may hang your canvas framed or unframed, but this choice affects where the hardware should be attached.

Stretched - No Hardware

Select this option if you plan to have the canvas framed by a local framer, or if you plan to purchase a frame somewhere else. Corresponding harware should be included with your frame purchase.

Stretched - Hardware Attached

Select this option if you are certain you will be hanging your artwork unframed, and you would like it ready-to-hang right out of the box.

3D Stretched - Hardware Attached

Select this option if you are certain you will be hanging your artwork unframed, and you would like it ready-to-hang right out of the box. 3D stretched art wraps approximately 1 1/4 inches of the image around each side as shown in this picture. Please consider this if you are ordering a small size (less than 16" x 20") canvas, or if your image is a close-up view as important parts of the image may end up on the side.

Important Note: Framed canvas should always have the hardware attached to the decorative frame, not the stretcher bars.


Comparison Table:   Different Canvas Print Style Finishes

Feature Canvas Matte PrintCanvas Gloss Print Canvas Glimmer Gloss Print
Archival Quality Fine Art Image on Artist Cotton Canvas YesYes Yes
Surface Finish MatteGloss Gloss
Random Surface Texture NoNo Yes
UV Enhanced Protection GoodBetter Best
Water and Fingerprint Resistance GoodExcellent Excellent